Looking at the election through a drinking straw.

Symbols and Reduction

Blake Commentary

This week’s Mountain Xpress includes an opinion piece by me related to the election. The title they chose: “Beware oversimplification.” It’s out in print, but not yet published online in a way that’s easy to link to. While I stand by what they published, I’m not thrilled with some of the edits they made, nor with their inclusion of a …

The redesigned website.

Blake News

There are still plenty of tweaks left to make, but as of ten minutes from now, the site redesign will be visible to the public. Feedback is welcome!

Mingling at the FrontWater open house.

Our Opening Event

Blake News

Thanks to all who showed up to the open house yesterday and the day before! The winner of the prize drawing was the folks from Chipley Consulting.