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In all of North Carolina, and especially in Asheville, the redistricting and gerrymandering news has been coming faster and thicker lately. I’ve mixed more and more redistricting-related analysis into my work since 2016, and am really enjoying the challenge.

A writer for Politico, Jeremy Markovich, caught wind of my map-crunching, and we spoke several times as he prepared his piece unpacking the reasons why a local congressional district boundary was drawn precisely the way it was.

I appreciate that he chose to include the following sentence, which it seems appropriate to include here:

Things made sense after I called a guy named Blake Esselstyn.

The piece mostly gets the analysis right, in my view, although I do have a quibble with the sub-title that his editors (I assume) chose. But I’ll go into that in more detail on the other site where I’ve been blogging about redistricting and gerrymandering, districks.com.